Vanda needed help raising awareness of two medical conditions that are virtually unknown, even to their sufferers: Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder in people who are totally blind; and akathisia, a common side effect of medications used to treat schizophrenia. Through nontraditional research, we learned that people who are blind consume a lot of TV. Using a proprietary diagnostic tool, we found that they prefer “descriptive” programming, such as sports, news and stand-up comedy. We produced unbranded TV spots with real people who are blind telling their personal stories. Vanda quickly surpassed all of their lead goals in terms of volume and efficiency. For akathisia, we launched a pilot program in St. Louis using TV and OOH to drive people to an unbranded website. With this award-winning work, Vanda is now poised to roll out an expanded unbranded campaign that will continue to educate a broader audience and help de-stigmatize mental illness.