Chief Strategic Officer
Stacey Lesser

Ask Stacey what she likes about her job, and she’ll say, “Everything.”

To start, she’s one of those people who loves problem-solving. She enjoys tackling tough business problems, digging into what makes consumers and businesses tick, and finding the missing puzzle piece that pulls together all the various parts to make up the whole. 

Then there’s the fact that Stacey is an avid consumer of popular culture: movies, television, new products and services, online, off-line–she tries them all. She’s a member of Amazon Prime and a Gilt Groupe Insider, travels via Lyft, and is a regular at SoulCycle. In fact, although she’s technically a Baby Boomer, she has recently repositioned herself as “the world’s oldest Millennial.” She is deeply involved in the world around her, following what’s new and changing, and constantly seeking to understand why.

And finally, there’s the opportunity to be involved in the creation of great work. Over the years, Stacey’s helped some of the world’s largest marketers create communications that address a wide range of challenges in a variety of categories–from crackers and detergents to credit cards and annuities. There are few categories she hasn’t worked and none she isn’t willing to try.