Chief Digital Officer
Scott Gelber

Scott’s one of those people who has a white-collar job, but someone forgot to tell him…because he brings a blue-collar mentality to everything he does. He credits this to working through the daily demands of playing college football, the influence of amazing mentors that pushed him during the early stages of his career, and an amazing family that motivates him each and every day.

When it comes to running the digital department at an agency, he fully admits that he doesn’t fit the mold. He refuses to buy a pair of skinny jeans (we should all be grateful), looks terrible with a man bun and, on occasion, has been known to use his phone to actually call someone. 

But don’t let that fool you–he’s worked in digital since it was called “computer advertising,” and is as passionate about the space now as he ever was. His knack for simplifying what others overcomplicate combined with a business-first attitude toward digital is the reason clients trust him so much. So, while he is one of the best in digital, you won’t find him on a stage somewhere referring to himself as a “digital ninja” who can solve complicated brand challenges with an emoji keyboard.

But the most important thing to know about Scott is that as much as he enjoys new business wins, brand accomplishments and team accolades, his true passion is mentoring young talent, whom he often refers to as his “future bosses.” When he’s not running around the halls of 200 Varick Street, he’s busy being a real ladies’ man–spending the time with his wife, two beautiful daughters and dog, Olive.