Chief Marketing Officer
Robert Moorman

There are three things we know for sure about Rob.

First: While he has lived and worked on the East Coast for a long time now, his Ohio roots are as strong as ever. He can speak Buckeyes, Bengals, and Reds with the best of them, and he still grows his own vegetables.

Second: If it hasn’t been tried before, he’s in. What Rob jokingly refers to as his somewhat twisted vision of the world often results in a fresh point of view for our clients and our agency.

Finally: Rob is a “been there, learned a lot from doing that” kind of guy. He’s been a writer, account person, director of integration, new business director and consultant, as well as a global CMO. (His full resume includes tours of duty as an altar boy and paperboy, in almost every minimum-wage job known to man, and lead screamer in a rock band). And if you can name a category, he has probably worked in it at some point in his career.

So, while there may be only three things we know for sure about Rob, we think they cover a lot of ground.